ИнтерСтройЭкспо 2016
С 20 по 22 апреля 2016 года в Санкт-Петербурге, в КВЦ «ЭКСПОФОРУМ» состоялась 22-я Международная выставка «ИнтерСтройЭкспо», крупнейшая на Северо-Западе России международная выставка строительных, отделочных материалов и строительной техники.
Евроасфальт и Евробитум 2016
Конгресс, который состоится с 1 по 3 июня в Праге, станет важной вехой в развитии асфальтовой и битумной промышленности Европы. Предоставив возможность ведущим специалистам отрасли подвести итоги проделанной работы и наметить планы на будущее, он послужит полноценной стратегической платформой для ее дальнейшего развития.

About publishing house "Slavutich"

  We do not simply reflect situation, we analyze it.

Making a decision, it's responsibility. In order to make right decisions one needs information, trustworthy and in sufficient volume.
Publishing House «Slavutich» (Saint-Petersburg), established in June 2003, specializes in editing of periodicals for professionals in building, road-building and mining branches. Its image is determined by specialized catalogues-guides. For the present day the following projects are developed in the framework of the publishing house:
«Dorozhnaya Tekhnika», (Road Building Equipment) – contains information on machines, plants and materials for building, repairs and exploiting of highways, manufactured by the world-wide and Russian producers.
«Gornaya Tekhnika», (Mining Equipment) – information on wide spectrum of equipment for all the directions of mining industry.
«Beton i Zhelezobeton. Materialy. Oborudovaniye. Tekhnologii», (Concrete and Reinforced Concrete. Materials. Equipment. Technologies) – in this edition the wide range of questions concerning manufacturing of ready-mixed concrete, concrete and reinforced concrete wares is discussed.
«Stroitel Severo-Zapada», «The Builder of the North-West» – the most informative address-telephones reference book about the building market (building and the interfacing branches) at the North-West of Russia.
The main purpose of publishing of the catalogues-guides is to make them the connecting link between manufacturers of machines and equipment used in corresponding branches, on the one hand, and their customers – on the other hand. To help specialists of the exploiting organizations to extend their knowledge, not to miss information on last achievements of the science-technical progress and the most important tendencies in directions of perfection of the machines construction and technologies concerning their application, that gives ability to orientate more surely in constantly changing reality of the modern market.
The publishing house was the first who proposed the form of giving information, merited common recognition – combination of the analytical articles, brought in thematic tables of the technical characteristic of the main kinds of machines and equipment, information about their manufacturers and suppliers, as well as advertising materials.
Among our authors – the Russian and foreign specialists from the leading researching, project-designing and production centers. Direct contacts with all the world-wide companies presented in Russia and majority of the domestic ones give us possibility to obtain «at first hands» and in proper time reliable information about equipment, introduced innovations, modifications of the production program, organizational forms of sales and servicing. A certain part of informational materials is prepared by the publishing house employees directly «at the local level» – in the contracting organizations, at the plants, factories, mines and pits.
Circulation – at all the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus Republic – addressed delivery, participation in specialized exhibitions, seminars, conferences. In addition, the publishing house has elaborated its proper monitoring system for the feedback with the companies receiving our edition.
В статье отражены основные направления развития конструкций отечественной горнопроходческой техники, применяемой при буровзрывном и комбайновом способе проведения выработок, особенности ее эксплуатации и последние тенденции развития отдельных видов техники, включая агрегатированные проходческие системы.
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